About Us

At Olympic Driving School you will receive a Washington State Department of Licensing approved, quality learning experience. Your class experience will be informative and fun, and most importantly, we will teach you what you need to know to become a safe and accident free driver, for life. All classes are taught by experienced and certified Department of Licensing instructors, who have a passion for learning and safety behind the wheel.

Olympic Driving School began its first class on May 1st, 2017 and has enjoyed a warm welcome to the West Olympia area, serving students from Capital High School, Olympia High School, Shelton, Lacey, Elma, McCleary, and Tumwater.

Our Philosophy

We believe that driving a vehicle requires maturity, composure, and discipline. As such, we treat our students like adults, expecting them to take responsibility both in class and behind the wheel. This attitude is also reflected in our teaching methods. We’ve found that most driving schools teach their students like they’re still in middle school. At other schools students begin class by reading from the textbook and filling out worksheets while the instructor is nowhere to be found. The instructor then reviews material for a short period, after which the students take a written quiz and are sent on their way.

We believe in a more mature, engaging approach to teaching drivers education. Our instructors present material for the majority of the class session, using modern technology and curriculum to keep students focused and involved. We allow students to use their cell phones to take notes, take pictures of slides, and to take their quizzes. Our electronic quizzes provide instructors with real-time feedback so they can assess the students’ understanding of topics and adapt their teaching to students’ needs.

Our instructors love to teach and are proactive in getting to know the students. We value the power of education and hire instructors who share an enthusiasm for knowledge.

Our Owners

Olympic Driving School is owned and operated by Scott and Ashley Jensen. Together, Scott and Ashley are dedicated to providing students in the Olympia area with a quality, affordable driver’s education.

Scott Jensen

Scott is passionate about education and has worked with youth of all ages through scouting, peer mentoring, social counseling, and even teaching undergraduate courses at a large university. Scott holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information System Management from Brigham Young University and currently works as an IT asset management consultant for several Fortune 500 companies. He is also the Scouting Committee Chairman for a local charter of the Boy Scouts of America. Scott is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Ashley Jensen

Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education and was a kindergarten teacher at a school for students with autism when she and Scott met. Now with children of her own to raise, Ashley is a stay-at-home mom but enjoys managing the driving school with Scott. Ashley’s parents have been in the drivers education business for many years and were fundamental to the foundation of Olympic Driving School.


Our Team

Tom Babbit

Tom retired from the United States Army in 2014 after serving his country for 26 years and then completed a degree in Criminal Justice before joining Olympic Driving School. While serving in the Army he certified as a Master Driver and instructed other military personnel to drive military vehicles. It was while serving in this capacity that Tom knew he wanted to work with youth during their journey to adulthood. Tom strives to provide passionate and personal instruction to our country’s future generation, both through teaching drivers education and volunteering as a mentor for juvenile youth.


Rubie Ducharme

A Washington native, Angela “Rubie” Ducharme has always found fulfillment helping others improve and enrich their lives. She has been able to follow her passions, whether it be teaching water aerobics to seniors in Olympia, first time homebuyers workshops in Grand Junction, or arts and leathercraft for the blind in Las Vegas. She has always loved driving, and hopes to one day teaching driving on a manual transmission. Rubie is semi-retired, and in her spare time loves to kayak, fish, landscape, and take care of her dogs and family.


Taylor Crabill

Taylor loves to help young adults learn new things by fostering a fun, creative, and welcoming environment in the classroom. He began working with youth by coaching football for nine-year-old kids during his freshman year attending Boise State University. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from BSU he also coached football for Capital High School in Olympia. Taylor is an aspiring Spanish teacher and in the meantime enjoys using his Spanish skills to help native Spanish speakers learn to drive.


Red Doxey
Office Manager

Red loves to help people pursue their dreams. Her first job out of college was as a writing tutor for the University of Alaska Southeast, where she helped students improve their writing skills. Since then, she has also been a genealogical data entry specialist, a website content writer, and a truck driver, among many other things. She holds a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing from Pacific University and studied Film and Media Arts at the University of Utah. Red dreams of one day being a full-time professional novelist.



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